The Unicorn ICO in Stealth Mode

For Immediate Release:

June, 2018: Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency which is global transaction system. Since BTC continues to get lots of grip in the industry, cementing its position as one of the most useful crypto in the market, many people have come ahead, trying to use this popular cryptocurrency. The preCharge Blockchain is your source for Free Single Sign-On, Multi-Asset, Ultra Secure centralized access to leading merchants, payment systems and even secure private messaging.

The preCharge applies a unique BlockChain Technology to process over 1,000 transactions in a second through its global coverage. By providing distributed Blockchain Technology to people all over the world, preCharge makes it possible for consumers and merchants to authenticate their identity and transactions instantly. Since 2003, they have been securing merchants all around the world.

Online merchants at nearly 90% of online shopping carts and billing options now have immediate access to the worldwide preCharge network to best serve their fraud protection needs. preCharge is the only way out that gives online merchants risk free transaction processing, which allows merchants to do more. They are a worldwide solution provider with a primary focus on improving order process proficiency and risk mitigation.

preCharge is the service provider of the credentialed payments system and a strong supporter in the battle against transaction fraud. preCharge Risk Management Solutions is at very initial phase of planning an ICO, starting from May 16, 2018. Merchants and consumers can now improve profit, process orders instantly and create a truly global eCommerce business with preCharge Certified Payments.